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I started with Yoga some 23 years ago. I was living in England at the time. My yoga instructor, an elderly lady surprised me with her strength, agility, suppleness and energy. She was a great woman. She recorded a relaxation tape for me which I listened for years. I left England after a while and continued practising yoga from a book called "yoga self-taught" from Andre van Lysebeth.

I came to Holland in 1987 and joined a yoga class shortly after. I didn't know yoga was going to be my "path" until I met my teacher Astrid Collado in 1990 after I started working at the European Patent Office. Astrid has been since then my main teacher, my inspiration and in a way my mentor.

I started replacing Astrid at the EPO when she was going on vacation or was sick. And one day I was ready to follow a 2 years intensive yoga teacher training with Astrid. And I had to wait a few more years after to finally have my own yoga studio "SAHANA" yogastudio, which means PATIENCE in Sanskit.

Ever since I made this study and deepened myself into yoga I realise that yoga is really a way of life. There is a whole philosophy behind such as not hurting oneself and others, respect of oneself and others, all the yoga sutras which are very interesting but also very demanding, should one want to follow them.


Next to yoga, I studied Reflexology in 1995 at the H.A.N. (Haagsche Academie voor Natuurgeneeskunde). This very comprehensive study lasted 3 years. It included the extensive studies of Anatomy, pathology, energy, hands and feet reflexology, some psychology, etc. and gave me the title of reflexology therapist.

Since my study, I have massaged family and friends and have always been amazed at how reflexology works. It is a very powerful therapy and works almost instantaneously. Sometimes even in deeper ways which one cannot imagine.

Reflexology is a very ancient therapy. Egyptiens were using it. But not until the last century, with the help of Dr. Fitzgerald, an American,  who discovered the zone therapies and Eunice Ingham, also American, who brought the feet into maps as we know them these days, has reflexology become more and more popular.